Hey, You!

  • LookIts Bridezilla!

    Illustration by Bob AulAre we really related? I wonder. If you were any other bride, I'd think you were reeling in all the nuptial attention... More >>

  • All Along the Wish Tower

    Illustration by Bob AulThey say that the fights in apartment complexes are so savage because the stakes are so low. And when they say that, I'm... More >>

  • Bless You

    Illustration by Bob AulThis goes out to all the people whose elevators don't go all the way to the top. And especially to the chubby woman who... More >>

  • Apology En Mass

    Illustration by Bob AulIt was a beautiful Saturday night when my boyfriend and I headed out to the Universal Amphitheater for a show. I had... More >>

  • Vaulting Reality

    Illustration by Bob AulI was worried when my sister told me she was dating a BMW-driving 30-year-old banker with a house in Laguna... More >>

  • Sleeping Cutie

    Illustration by Bob AulYou don't want to talk to me ever again, and I don't blame you. But let me try to explain—once again—the... More >>

  • Reckless Necklace

    Illustration by Bob AulI've never met you, but I know everything I need to know about you: I met your husband frantically shopping for jewelry on... More >>

  • Busted!

    Illustration by Bob AulI've been riding the OCTA bus to work since my beloved, antiquated Mercedes took a crap, but I have a healthy... More >>

  • Boob-Lift

    Illustration by Bob AulHey, you, with your fake boobs and your five-seasons-ago cowboy hat! How dare you come into my shop using a stolen credit... More >>

  • Dude, There's Your Car!

    Illustration by Bob Aul Where's the love, man? First, you guys tow my car (from right outside my house! My house!!), leaving me stranded with no... More >>

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