Hey, You!

  • Hey, You!

    Unfortunately and quite unintentionally, I released the gastric buildup created by my zesty chicken-stew lunch—extra Tapatio—at the... More >>

  • Merry Trashmas!

    Illustration by Bob AulThis goes out to the jackasses in the unemployment office from a soon-to-be trash-bin dweller. It says on page 27 of your... More >>

  • He Likes Bush

    Illustration by Bob AulMy wife had a sticker on the back window of her car that read, "Impeach Bush." We were shopping in Hollywood this past... More >>

  • Thats My Yolkswagon

    Illustration by Bob AulAll right, assholes, listen up. Let me tell you two things you might not know. First off, not only did you scare the shit... More >>

  • Pardon My Lunch

    Illustration by Bob AulWorking in a packed-with-cubicles office, and after an especially spicy lunch, one must carefully pick and choose places... More >>

  • Tale of the tape

    Illustration by Bob AulThe smashed car window, I can fix. The stolen CD player, I can replace. The missing car key, I can fret about but deal... More >>

  • Nein-One-One

    Illustration by Bob AulYeah, you: my idiot neighbor who called 911 reporting a lost child. This child was carrying a morning newspaper he likes... More >>

  • I Just Wanted to Say PISS OFF!

    I thought you were different; you said you had changed/But what you really are is plain ol' deranged! You told me you loved me, then said, "I... More >>

  • Happy

    Here's to you, and your demise. I used to hate you, and believe me, sometimes it's still hard not to, but I'm starting to see things differently... More >>

  • Nickin Jessica

    Illustration by Bob AulIt's not that I'm a misogynist, not at all. I embrace the very core of femininity. However, this anti-love note goes out... More >>

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