Hey, You!

  • Lipstick Traces

    Illustration by Bob Aul To the well-dressed 60ish blonde at the Warner Avenue Post Office in Huntington Beach: It's a Wednesday morning, 7:15,... More >>

  • Drive-by Big Gulp

    Illustration by Bob AulTo those two little pukes who nailed me in THE BACK with a friggin' Big Gulp full of ice and shit: I was minding my own... More >>

  • Handicapped Parking

    Illustration by Bob AulYou in the nifty Porsche Boxster in Laguna Beach on Monday morning! I guess you were having fits of caffeine withdrawal... More >>

  • The Idiot's Guide to Voting

    illustration by Bob AulYou came to vote, clutching a phony "voters guide." You were so dependent on the "guide" that you and your wife couldn't... More >>

  • Hey, USC!

    Illustration by Bob AulTo the self-described ex-USC frat boy: I had my suspicions about you when you swaggered up to our table, looking a little... More >>

  • Nut Quesadilla

    Illustration by Bob AulTo the pseudo-blonde at Baja Fresh: thanks for the freak show. I don't eat there often, but I bet you do, given the... More >>

  • Flipper Off

    To the lady in the black BMW SUV whom I followed out Laguna Canyon Road: I was following you on my motorcycle when your window rolled down and... More >>

  • I Wish I Were Blind

    Illustration by Bob AulHey, film-school losers! You make me sick. I have to fight the urge to strangle you as I walk through Cecil B. DeMille... More >>

  • Bird Brains

    Illustration by Bob AulWe saw you three wannabe, white-trash gangstaz arrive at our neighborhood beach—Crescent Bay in North... More >>

  • Testeskick Airlines

    Illustration by Bob AulI don't like clerks who act like kings, and I sure as hell don't like the morons who run our nation's airline industry.... More >>

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