Hey, You!

  • Rhyme Schemer

    Illustration by Bob AulI really must say that there are more beautiful things in this world than the color of your hair, or even the curls in... More >>

  • Dating Lessons for Dorks

    Illustration by Bob AulPark rangers have more important duties to attend to than pulling your 1999 sable-colored Toyota Camry from the rising... More >>

  • Mousetown Schools

    Illustration by Bob AulIt's this community's misfortune that one of its school administrators can't handle diversity. You fired me because I... More >>

  • Traffic

    Illustration by Bob AulMy husband, son and I go down to TJ to shop. We drive our car over the border as we always do—except this time my... More >>

  • Roach Motel Casanova

    Illustration by Bob AulMy friends and I met you and your friends at the Block at Orange. You seemed like cool guys, and you invited us to kick... More >>

  • Man Bites Snake

    Illustration by Bob AulI guess you enjoy taking your all-terrain bikes anywhere they're permitted. God knows there's no place on the streets to... More >>

  • No Beer Here

    Illustration by Bob AulSo it's Friday night, and me and my friends are hanging out in Anaheim Hills of all places. All we wanted was a little... More >>

  • Wiener Dog Wars!

    Illustration by Bob AulMy Dearest: Sometimes when I think of you, I visualize a stubby little wiener dog. A sweet, small dog that somebody feeds... More >>

  • Human Speed Bump

    Illustration by Bob AulIt was a strange day in the office. One of our employees got sick, supersick, and the paramedics were called in. So two... More >>

  • Mommie Fiercest

    Illustration by Bob AulI was standing there in line at Sav-On with my hands full, thinking about dinner. That's when I heard that loud screaming.... More >>

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