Hey, You!

  • Crappy Christmas

    Illustration by Bob AulSprawling sleepily on a mall bench on my break from a coffeehouse inside, I was recently treated to the kind of Christmas... More >>

  • Fatheads

    Illustration by Bob AulI recently made the terrible mistake of eating at a Carl's Jr. near a high school at lunch time. Although annoyed by the... More >>

  • I Slugged a Register Street Rack

    Illustration by Bob AulIt all started when I ritually rattled the door of the Los Angeles Times street rack, my usual prelude to risking any... More >>

  • Delayed Reactionary

    Art by Bob AulYou're the guy I delayed for two whole seconds while crossing the street on my bicycle, the guy who pulled the cigarette from his... More >>

  • Who Needs MOVIES?

    Illustration by Bob AulMy husband, John, and I had just finished watching American Beauty, which we both loved for different reasons. I found... More >>

  • Atrophied Wife

    Illustration by Bob AulCall this the confession of a trophy wife. Yours. Remember how when we dated, you told me that you loved me for my social... More >>

  • Wheelchair Ruffians

    Illustration by Bob AulSend anonymous thanks, confessions or accusations—changing or deleting the names of the guilty and innocent—to... More >>

  • Break Time

    Art by Bob AulI disappear for a week into the Sierras and return to find there's been a coup d'etat and that you people are doing nothing about... More >>

  • God Forgive You

    Art by Bob AulRecently, I visited Orange County for my daughter and son-in-law's wedding renewal of five years. Five years?!? Now, I am a... More >>

  • Skeletina

    Art by Bob AulMy lady and I received a restaurant gift certificate as a present. One nice Saturday morning, we decided to use it. When we got... More >>

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