Hey, You!

  • Food for Thought (And Worms?)

    That's right! It's me, still holding a sign as I continue my vigil for my grandson at the entrance of your mega-cult in South OC. My grandson,... More >>

  • Orange Crushed

    Hey, everyone driving into the Orange Crush: You shouldn't be using your cellphones when you're driving anyway, but you definitely shouldn't be... More >>

  • Dress First, Then Drop Off

    You are the mom who almost every morning parks directly in front of the school while you finish getting your brood ready for their day. We all... More >>

  • Glass Attack

    You're a thirtysomething punk asshole who hasn't done anything in your life. I just broke up a bar fight that was happening next to my friends.... More >>

  • Magic Hat

    You were the guy wearing cargo shorts, a fedora, a black T-­shirt with some kind of sarcastic saying on it and obnoxious spike bracelets... More >>

  • Tight Clothes, Loose Helmet

    You were the pudgy guy in full cycling regalia making your way north on Harvard in Irvine—on the wrong side of the street. I was the guy in... More >>

  • Coupon Con

    We all cringe when you walk in that door, holding your stack of coupons, salivating at the mouth. You're nothing more than a worthless coupon... More >>

  • Hey, You! Crashbait

    You are the idiot who was driving the Sonata in Irvine the other day. Yes, the right-turn lane on Von Karman between Alton and Barranca is... More >>

  • Hey, You! Medi-Can't

    You are Medi-Cal, and you suck. You sent threatening letters to my disabled relative saying she was "ineligible" and being canceled because she... More >>

  • Hey, You! Sit and Spin

    You are the Eastern Bloc transplant who worked on our washer that kept coming unbalanced. We are the couple who endured your countless service... More >>

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