Hey, You!

  • Pocket-Change Pregnancy

    You're the guy—white, mid-20s, scruffy, Sears poncho, eau de Brookhurst—who mumbled something as I was walking into Target the other... More >>

  • Thanks for Clearing the Air

    You were the two teenaged smokers leaning against the car parked next to mine. As I exited the Ralphs on Harbor Boulevard in Fullerton a few... More >>

  • Nice Teeth

    You were the beautiful, handsome male stranger with lovely teeth and a husky. We met briefly months ago at dog beach and chit-chatted about... More >>

  • Gorilla Flotilla

    You were the road ragers who followed a single, senior woman from Seal Beach into Long Beach until I pulled into a gas station to call... More >>

  • Infernally Ragless

    Hey, you voracious OC Weekly readers in Old Towne Orange! It was only Saturday morning, and I went to four different newspaper boxes in the area,... More >>

  • You Blow at Driving

    Kudos to you, landscaping guy. You were brilliant to mount your industrial-size leaf blower on the utility box behind the cab of your maintenance... More >>

  • Nice Hat

    You were the wonderful young couple who came up and thanked my 87-year-old father for his military service while we were at BJ's in... More >>

  • Ankle Blues

    You were the bedraggled-looking blond woman who has been begging for change in the middle of the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Second... More >>

  • Car Chase

    You are the dickless coward who sped up and got in front of us on Barranca in Irvine on Tuesday night. I guess we were going too slow for your... More >>

  • Exit Strategy

    You stumbled up to my friend and I while we were having a quiet drink at the Velvet Lounge and asked if you could sit with us. You were wasted,... More >>

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