Hey, You!

  • Spitting Mad

    If you are the person who was walking down Del Obispo Street in San Juan Capistrano with a headset on and carrying a laptop and crossing in a... More >>

  • Nice to Bump Me

    You are the person who backed her parked car out of its space and right into my rear bumper. I was in the building at the time and didn't see... More >>

  • Birth Brains

    You are the group of arrogant, gray-haired, old, white coots congregated at the Dana Point library waiting for it to open. No doubt you do this... More >>

  • Charity Case

    You are the crappy, second-rate company I worked for who laid me off. You told me that the layoff had nothing to do with my performance, but you... More >>

  • You're Bury Greedy

    You are the soulless, large, greedy Orange County cemetery where we had to bury our relative to respect her last wishes. From the bitchy phone... More >>

  • Trash Talking

    For years, I have lived in my Lake Forest neighborhood and enjoyed the streets around my house being clean and devoid of trash from our... More >>

  • Here to Stay

    I was standing at the counter in a Huntington Beach liquor store when you and your teenage son came in. You proceeded to walk up to my right side... More >>

  • Soul Surfer

    You were the young Asian surfer with red streaks in your hair at the Huntington Beach pier on Sunday morning. You caught your waves with style... More >>

  • Yahoos for Wahoo's

    Yeah, we were in Ensenada, but you were wearing an Angels T-shirt, so fuck it. You and your bro pals were at Ensenada's... More >>

  • Brown On Green

    Way to go, Fullerton. I'm out walking my dog, and there is a torrent of water rushing down the gutter for as far as the eye can see. In... More >>

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