Hey, You!

  • Ankle Blues

    You were the bedraggled-looking blond woman who has been begging for change in the middle of the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Second... More >>

  • Car Chase

    You are the dickless coward who sped up and got in front of us on Barranca in Irvine on Tuesday night. I guess we were going too slow for your... More >>

  • Exit Strategy

    You stumbled up to my friend and I while we were having a quiet drink at the Velvet Lounge and asked if you could sit with us. You were wasted,... More >>

  • Stupid Human Pet Tricks

    I was sitting outside a new Japanese-based store in Fullerton when you pulled up. I heard you tell your pet, "I won't be long," then watched as... More >>

  • Dumb Duffer

    You are the golfer who was perched at the side of the road, about to drive a ball back in the general direction of the golf course. The problem... More >>

  • Good Neighbor

    After the latest crash in front of my place, it became clear it was more serious than usual: The elderly guy whose SUV hit the car that pulled... More >>

  • Standing Room Only

    You were the two gringas who relish being bullies and ladrones to boot. Saturday night in Laguna Beach, at a popular African-themed restaurant,... More >>

  • Old Sign of the Cross

    Had I been alone, I likely would have walked over to have a little chat about what that flag really represents—and no, it's not heritage.... More >>

  • Stuck In the Middle With You

    You are the woman who was at the ARCO gas station on Katella Avenue in Stanton at about 6 p.m. a few weeks ago. There were three pumps with the... More >>

  • Sprouts

    You are the shit-hill hippie dude wearing the Sprouts employee shirt who was coming out of the Surf City Collective Building around 3:30 p.m. on... More >>

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