Hey, You!

  • Here to Stay

    I was standing at the counter in a Huntington Beach liquor store when you and your teenage son came in. You proceeded to walk up to my right side... More >>

  • Soul Surfer

    You were the young Asian surfer with red streaks in your hair at the Huntington Beach pier on Sunday morning. You caught your waves with style... More >>

  • Yahoos for Wahoo's

    Yeah, we were in Ensenada, but you were wearing an Angels T-shirt, so fuck it. You and your bro pals were at Ensenada's... More >>

  • Brown On Green

    Way to go, Fullerton. I'm out walking my dog, and there is a torrent of water rushing down the gutter for as far as the eye can see. In... More >>

  • Food for Thought (And Worms?)

    That's right! It's me, still holding a sign as I continue my vigil for my grandson at the entrance of your mega-cult in South OC. My grandson,... More >>

  • Orange Crushed

    Hey, everyone driving into the Orange Crush: You shouldn't be using your cellphones when you're driving anyway, but you definitely shouldn't be... More >>

  • Dress First, Then Drop Off

    You are the mom who almost every morning parks directly in front of the school while you finish getting your brood ready for their day. We all... More >>

  • Glass Attack

    You're a thirtysomething punk asshole who hasn't done anything in your life. I just broke up a bar fight that was happening next to my friends.... More >>

  • Magic Hat

    You were the guy wearing cargo shorts, a fedora, a black T-­shirt with some kind of sarcastic saying on it and obnoxious spike bracelets... More >>

  • Tight Clothes, Loose Helmet

    You were the pudgy guy in full cycling regalia making your way north on Harvard in Irvine—on the wrong side of the street. I was the guy in... More >>

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