• Bird Is the Word

    Whenever we try to eat a quick lunch outdoors in the middle of the city, they're suddenly all around us, scuttling at our feet, begging for food.... More >>

  • Forward Into the Past

    Ray Donley clearly fancies himself as a man born a few hundred years too late. Seriously, in 2007, who the heck paints lush, moody oils of... More >>

  • Nice Guys Finish Last

    In poetry, it's tough to be the nice guy. Generally, it's flamboyant personas and manic stage presences that attract attention, not a pleasant,... More >>

  • DVDish

    You Kill Me(Genius) Funny thing seeing Philip Baker Hall in You Kill Me, as he's already played the role of a drunken hit man's boss in The... More >>

  • They Gave at the Office

    Here's yet another thing to hate George W. Bush for: The endlessly imploding economy is wreaking havoc on the fine-art market, and a lot of... More >>

  • Whose Is It, Anyway?

    Paul Klee famously described some of his later, jittery-looking work as "taking a line for a walk." The artists in "Living Lines," the new show... More >>

  • Pet Symmetry

    Beauty is an annoyingly subjective thing. The difference between a ravishingly lovely face and an ass-ugly one can literally be a matter of mere... More >>

  • Beauty Of the Beast

    For many years, Mad Magazine hyped Don Martin as "Mad's maddest artist." Martin's work featured square-headed, dimwitted idiots who were forever... More >>

  • Arty Party Animals

    With a solid, unifying theme, a museum show can feel a lot like a gathering of like-minded souls for a good party, with the art bustling happily... More >>

  • Pots to Spruce Up Your Tomb

    The oppressive sun has set at last, a silver moon hangs full in the sky, and all the little ghouls and goblins step forth from the shadows to... More >>

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