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  • The Boys in the Bandwidth

    By Dan Savage Thursday, Jul 24 2014

    I am a gay man and have been in a relationship with my GGG boyfriend for more than three years. We are in our early 20s and have a good sex life....More >>

  • Shorties

    By Dan Savage Thursday, Jul 17 2014

    Two questions, Dan. 1. Recently, I went to a bar with my brother and encountered a friend from high school. My brother told me that, toward the...More >>

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  • Beat It

    By ANONYMOUS Thursday, Sep 18 2014

    You are the sick person who puts your used condoms in other peoples' mailboxes! Is that how you get off, you beat-off artist at large? You dwell... More >>

  • Inconvenient MC

    By ANONYMOUS Thursday, Sep 11 2014

    You were the rapper who got mad when I didn't want to buy your CD for $5 outside a 7-Eleven in Fullerton. I left the store toting a bag of cheap... More >>

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