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  • The Boys in the Bandwidth

    By Dan Savage Thursday, Jul 24 2014

    I am a gay man and have been in a relationship with my GGG boyfriend for more than three years. We are in our early 20s and have a good sex life....More >>

  • Shorties

    By Dan Savage Thursday, Jul 17 2014

    Two questions, Dan. 1. Recently, I went to a bar with my brother and encountered a friend from high school. My brother told me that, toward the...More >>

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  • Magic Hat

    By ANONYMOUS Thursday, Mar 26 2015

    You were the guy wearing cargo shorts, a fedora, a black T-­shirt with some kind of sarcastic saying on it and obnoxious spike bracelets... More >>

  • Tight Clothes, Loose Helmet

    By ANONYMOUS Thursday, Mar 12 2015

    You were the pudgy guy in full cycling regalia making your way north on Harvard in Irvine—on the wrong side of the street. I was the guy in... More >>

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