You're So Privileged

After five years of packed dance floors and world class DJs, it’s safe to say that the followers of Detroit Bar’s Bristol Sessions have gotten a little spoiled. And that definitely isn’t going to change this week! In fact, after a sweaty night of dancing to the trademark styles of down tempo demigod Mark Farina, it’ll probably only get worse. Farina is stopping in OC amidst a West Coast tour, spreading the gospel of his latest record, Mushroom Jazz Vol. 6 (Om Records). Experimenting with elements of deep house, hip-hop, jazz and more, this guy has worked up an insane catalog of sounds since starting his career in the late ‘80s. He’ll be packing crates full of knowledge alongside resident DJs Danny Love and Lil’ Brandon to preside over what promises to be a beat-infested whirlwind of controlled chaos. Eat it up, you spoiled brats.
Fri., Feb. 20, 9 p.m., 2009

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