When Love Comes to Town

Like Michael Jordan circa 1996, B.B. King is in his own league without anyone challenging his dominance. But that's old news. The blues legend has been performing at an elite level for more than half a century, and while his body has slowed down the past few years, his playing is as pristine as ever. Recent shows find King-with his trademark Gibson guitar, Lucille, in hand-sitting midstage and leading his band through a set of body-moving Chicago blues, soulful slow jams, and smooth rhythm and blues. The only thing more entertaining than hearing the best guitarist alive perform is his between-song banter, which always includes healthy doses of chit-chat with the ladies. Like a true artist, King has carved his own niche and shows a deep relationship between his hands and his tools. His fluidity with the 12-bar blues is a delight not to be missed.
Thu., Jan. 3, 8:30 p.m., 2008

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