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Weapons of Mass Delusion

Struck by the lack of emotion she felt viewing the Iraq war on CNN while eating dinner, London-based artist, Laurie Lipton set her creative energy on exploring the perplex nature of death and destruction in the 21st century. “I chewed contentedly as people’s homes and limbs were being blown apart,” she said. “The whole scenario suddenly struck me as obscene . . . I am not even being put off my food.” Inspired by the photography of Diane Arbus and the religious paintings of Flemish masters, Lipton conveys this complex and haunting yet satirical expression through dramatic black and white imagery in her “Weapons of Mass Delusions” exhibit. Exploring the themes of fear, sexuality, greed, and destruction, her showing displays not only the immense talent of a largely self-taught artist, but the convoluted essence of modern warfare in this media-centered world.
Sat., May 1, 7 p.m., 2010


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