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We are the Pilots

Once again you're staring down the barrel of another work week. Though your toiling has only begun, Detroit Bar has a nice little pick-me-up to take the edge off. Anaheim indie band We are the Pilots are in the middle of a month-long residency at the venue which offers a stage to all sorts of top-shelf independent music makers. Though Pilots' music can be a little maudlin at times,they have enough jangly, spacey, poppy goodness infused within the darkness of their sound. Simply put, it's well-balanced drinking music. The experience of listening to their tunes should mitigate the drudgery of the next four days, and hopefully make the Tuesday's hang over worth the trouble.
Mondays, 10 p.m. Starts: Oct. 11. Continues through Oct. 25, 2010


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