War and Peace

Veterans Day always takes on a particular poignancy during wartime. Simultaneously a commemoration of those who have served before and those who are still currently enlisted, mixed emotions (which are always present on Veterans Day) become even more mixed when one considers the still reasonably uncertain outcome of our current conflicts. Regardless of your personal views on our military’s actions, it remains a fact that the people fighting this war are as varied in their political views, moral outlook, religious beliefs and support of their country’s policies as the rest of us civilians and too often, both sides of the debate tend to paint with a pretty broad brush. And whether you want the troops home immediately or whether you believe they are still engaged in a just war, Veterans Day should give you some time for reflection. Irvine Valley College is hosting Tom Ruck, author of Sacred Ground: A Tribute to America’s Veterans as the keynote speaker of their Veteran’s Day celebration. Come down and show your support, if not for the war, at least for the people who are most directly affected by it.
Mon., Nov. 10, 12:30 p.m., 2008

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