US Open of Surfing

The Beach Boys mostly weren’t. Surf City turned out to be 10 guys for every girl. And the best offer you got? Some little old lady from Pasadena. (Boss wheels, sure, but, uh, too much mileage. No cougar in a Cougar.) Well, Ace, wear your favorite Reyn Spooner and a smile because the next few days are gonna be different. Half a million spectators, the world’s largest pro-surfing contest (with hometown hero Brett Simpson, and Courtney Conlogue of Santa Ana defending their titles), over 100 exhibits, skateboarding, BMX, DJs, autograph booths, giveaways, stellar live bands like the Cold War Kids, and hotties from beach to breakers? Cool.
July 31-Aug. 8, 9 a.m., 2010

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