Tyde You Over

As summer comes to an end (on the East Coast—ha!), it’s a good time to reminisce about endless days spent lounging on beach towels and sharing a spliff with your buddy while trying to keep your iPod off the sand. Or maybe you spent all summer in traffic on the 5 with a pollen allergy and a herniated disc, trying to hear your iPod (you have a car converter, right?) over the din of passing trucks? From the beach to the car, the Tyde provide the right soundtrack for your waning dog days. More in love with the idea of surf rock than the sound (they live with the tunes of Dylan and the Byrds floating in their heads), the band nevertheless give off a lost-summertime aura with their jangly, harmony-laden pop songs.
Mon., Sept. 15, 9 p.m., 2008

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