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Tree Huggers Ball

What won’t Canyon Lands Conservancy organizers do to get city and country folk together for a summer day in the wild environs of our local Santa Ana Mountains? This year, they’ve organized yet another Druidic hootenanny and environmentally-themed marketplace festival deep in the woods with live music, food, and beer on tap. And the familiar-looking guy sitting in the tree on their rough-hewn event poster? Tonight, his great-great grandson talks about the legendary John Muir, original tree-hugging inspiration for the consciousness-raising, fundraising and fun-raising of this annual wing-ding supporting activist work to preserve open-space ecosystem and piss off developers. There are bands, a raffle, and guests costumed as butterflies, owls, and woodland fairies. Dress up or come as you are, and find a perch among the other righteous freaks up in the trees.
Sat., June 1, 4 p.m., 2013


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