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Tree Hugger's Ball

Wear an earthy costume, bring reusable dinnerware, experience the beautiful canyon and protect the few remaining wild lands of the Santa Ana Mountains. That's what the Canyon Land Conservation Fund wants from you at its Eighth Annual Tree Hugger's Ball in Blackstar Canyon. The nonprofit group dedicates itself to preserving “vanishing wild spaces” east of Irvine Lake along scenic Santiago Canyon and the Santiago Creek. This year's eco-friendly festivities include an art show, silent auction, live music performances and dancing, a BBQ or vegetarian dinner and manufacturers of green products and services. Onsite composting, reusable utensils and recycling bins will be set up and honored—the “zero-waste” event prides itself on generating only one bag of trash in 2010. Proceeds benefit the group's conservation efforts.
Sat., June 23, 6 p.m., 2012


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