This Week in Getting With the Posse

There are only two things I'd stand in line for on the streets of Santa Ana: a ridiculously inexpensive (and delicious) veggie burrito from the Mexican food truck parked outside Weekly HQ, or a ridiculously inexpensive T-shirt from the annual OBEY Giant Sample Sale. Unfortunately, the line outside the OBEY sale will be a bit longer than the five minutes it takes to make a burrito—more like two hours, longer if you want to secure decent selection.

OBEY creator/designer Shepard Fairey has come a long way from his training at the Rhode Island School of Design. What started out as a seemingly simple sticker campaign depicting the image of WWF figurehead André the Giant (an "experiment in Phenomenology," says Fairey) has since gained widespread, global recognition due in part to the public posting stickers, stencil art, murals and wheat-paste posters anywhere and everywhere. Sixteen years after the first stickers appeared in 1989, the familiar looming face of André the Giant now glowers from metropolitan surfaces the world over, from New York City to Greece and the Caribbean.

The next obvious step for Fairey, then, was a clothing line. Beyond this, he has been involved in several major projects, such as creating exclusive limited-edition screen-printed posters for Interpol and designing the film poster for the recent Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line. Judging by the length of the lines stretching outside the OBEY warehouse last year, you won't want to miss this. And that's an order.

OBEY Sample Sale, 2313 S. Susan St., Santa Ana, (714) 429-1595; Fri., 1-7 p.m.; Sat., 9-5 p.m.


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