The Rosewood Thieves and Dead Trees

Buffed with breathy vocals and fresh, crackling instrumentation, the Rosewood Thieves explore the knotty intersections of folk, rock and pop with a welcome levity. After debuting with an EP on V2, only to see the label collapse before an album could follow, the New Yorkers rebounded with last year’s Rise and Shine . A subsequent live record from Nashville and a Solomon Burke covers album have only underscored an affection for the classics. The Rosewood Thieves’ current month-long tour pairs them with the Dead Trees, a Boston-via-Portland quartet whose ruffled jangle and saloon swagger can be traced back to the Replacements. With one album to the Trees’ name and a following in Japan, of all places, the band are as steeped in promise as their touring partner.
Sun., Oct. 11, 9 p.m., 2009


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