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The Nutcracker

Time to once again roll out that perennial favorite, the dancy­prancy sugary tale of wooden soldiers in tights battling evil giant rodents in tights, for the honor of little girls in ballet slippers. Featuring illustrious guest artists from the American Ballet Theatre, the Joffrey Ballet and Ballet West, the Barclay’s Nutcracker is always the glitteriest wet dream in town, but what you won’t be seeing, as usual, are any remnants of the original 1816 story by E.T.A. Hoffmann upon which Tchaikovsky’s tale is based. In that Grimms­y world, a ruthless mouse queen seeking revenge for the murder of her babies casts a spell on a princess and gives her a ginormous head, a big old nutcracking mouth and a cottony beard— all of which are super un­princessy. It gets even worse and convoluted, of course, so best stick with the super fey musical turn and leave the gothic tormenting of children to Jenny McCarthy.
Saturdays, Sundays. Starts: Dec. 14. Continues through Dec. 22, 2013


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