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The Living Suns

For weeks now, the Living Suns residency at The Gypsy Lounge in Lake Forest has read like a who’s who of our Locals Only section. This Thursday, the trend continues as their reckless, six-piece rock show is paired up with LO alumnis the Steelwells and Howl. They’re also joined by the Placentia-based up-and-comers Glass Puppets. As one of the more well-recognized bands to come out of Fullerton in the last few years, the Suns continue to increase their clout down to the farthest reaches of the Orange Curtain. This month, they take pleasure in bringing South County into the fold—and, hopefully, leaving a lasting impression with the sizzling electricity of oldies like “I We Praise” and the percussive pound and reverb splash of newer additions like “Monk.” Currently poised to release a split 7” with My Pet Saddle on the newly-minted La Chupacabra Records in August, the band has extra motivation to keep shining on stage night after night.
Thu., July 23, 9 p.m., 2009


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