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The Appleseed Cast

So it’s 2010 and you still haven’t gotten the Appleseed Cast’s 2001 album set Low Level Owl Volumes 1 and 2 out of your iPod rotation. We get it—those washy, sonic drifts of post rock are just too perfect. Despite the fact that Kansas’ favorite melancholy experimentalists released album Sagarmatha in February 2009, nothing trumps the classics. So when the band comes to the Glass House, that’s exactly what they’re planning to give you. Playing both Owl albums back-to-back in their entirety, the Appleseed Cast will dust off the soothing harmonies, inverted drumming and echoing atmospherics that made the band’s trippy, melodic masterpieces. They’re currently on tour with Graveface label-mates Dreamend, a reverb-drenched tribe of shoegazers from Chicago. Bring your astronaut helmets because it’s gonna get spacey.
Thu., March 4, 7 p.m., 2010


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