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Swedest Thing

Swedish pop groups that have snuck their way onto Americans' radars typically instill a comforting sense of pristine tidiness and earnest all-rightness. Even as it emulates Anglo-American rock elements, a large percentage of that country's popular music runs on an even keel, rarely exhibiting extreme emotion or outrageous sonic attributes. (Those Scandinavian character-trait clichés? All true.) Peter Bjorn and John follow in this grand, bland tradition. Their most recent album, Writer's Block, consists of pleasantly pretty, hummable tunes, but-admit it-you'd be content with a 45-minute version of their buoyantly glum hit "Young Folks"-followed by an encore of "Young Folks." To which you will whistle along. Bet your life's savings on it.
Thu., Jan. 24, 8 p.m., 2008


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