Surfin' Summer Film Series: North Shore

This 1987 film may be a little cheesier than you remember—but that happens with cult classics. Keeping in step with the other films in the Surfin' Summer Movie Series at the Lido, you get your impressive surfing shots, as well as cameos from professional surfers Mark Occhilupo, Gerry Lopez and Laird Hamilton as hero Rick Kane's spiritual advisors. Beyond a surf movie, North Shore is a coming-of-age film (akin to The Karate Kid) where Rick’s training transcends water and waves into metaphors for life. Not that you should take it that seriously—this film has a cheeky humor similar to a Frankie and Annette beach party. Luckily, director William Phelps decided to forgo zany backdrops for real surfers and shooting on location for a more agreeable experience.
Sat., July 20, 10 a.m., 2013


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