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Though they tread in the same musical territory as bands like MGMT, Portland’s STRFKR separates itself from the digital players with a uniquely sweet sound. Founded in 2007, this dance-pop quartet quickly grabbed the attention of ad agencies who’ve used the band’s catchy tunes in several commercial spots, including one for Target that dared to ask why Pepto Bismol is pink. Rank consumerism aside, we adore this band—they’re just that good. The 2010 track “Julius” features STRFKR at its best with vacillating waves of digital sound punctuated by what is best described as danceable Morse-code signals. The endorphin-releasing melody demonstrates that while their musical peers are concerned with how they look on the dance floor, STRFKR is more focused on the joy of dancing.
Wed., Oct. 23, 8 p.m., 2013


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