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Stephen Stills

Once upon a time, people believed music had the power to change the world. Think about the '60s—Hendrix shredding the national anthem to sound like bombs dropping on Vietnam; John Lennon and Yoko One sitting in bed for peace; Crosby Stills Nash and Young singing songs about students shot dead at Kent University. Whatever happened to that spirit? It probably started dying around disco and then finally bit the bullet with Creed. But, fortunately, you can still find soul in the strings of Stephen Stills as he continues to rock the stage and kick ass after all these years. Former band member of Buffalo Springfield and CSNY and Rock-and-Roll Hall of Famer, Stills heads to Anaheim to remind SoCal of the origins of a spirit of rebellion and serious guitar playing. Don’t miss your opportunity to see a musical treasure.
Tue., Nov. 22, 9 p.m., 2011


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