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Spooky Science: Bug Invasion

Some people become outraged by the suggestion that bugs serve an important purpose in the cycle of life. For these folks, entering rooms with webs dangling from the ceiling and thousands of tiny eyes staring out from the cracks is not something to be enthusiastic about (hysterical, maybe). Luckily, the Discovery Science Center is providing a controlled environment, with plenty of sturdy glass cases, for bug enthusiasts and their hesitant counterparts to learn about and appreciate the role these animals play in the grand scheme of things. The exhibit features large models of horned beetles, stick bugs and a praying mantis as well as a world class pinned specimen collection on loan from the Natural History Museum Los Angeles. For those of you harboring traumatic childhood memories of bullies armed with fistfuls of potato bugs, the healing starts here.
Oct. 1-31, 10 a.m., 2011


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