Spacing Out

Space: the vast vacuum of unknown depth, filled with countless secrets unknowable by man, at least for now. Sadly, funding for space exploration has all but dried up—as has most of the public’s interest in exploring the outer reaches of the universe. But for those still eager to gain knowledge of the final frontier, UC Irvine invites you to attend Visitor Night at the UCI observatory. Attendees will get the chance to use university telescopes to see the Andromeda Galaxy, the Dumbbell Nebula and star clusters and listen to a lecture by Dr. Misty Bentz about galaxies that harbor super massive black holes at their center. Night sky maps will also be handed out so visitors can find their favorite constellations or plan their take-over of the galaxy—whichever gets your explosive combustible engine going.
Fri., Oct. 24, 8 p.m., 2008

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