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Sound of Music Sing-a-Long

There’s nothing gayer than singing along with Julie Andrews and a pack of cherubic-faced children as they lilt across the Austrian countryside—and that’s “gay” in the coolest, truest sense of the word: fabulous, happy and always in tune, girl. Shudder as the gorgeously evil Baroness Schraeder plots against the glowing, virginal Maria to win the dashing Captain’s love! Spy tiny girls and girlish boys wearing curtains while hanging from trees! Marvel at crafty mechanical nuns as they foil nasty Nazis in one ingenious, ignition-snatching move! And you’d better be singing the whole time whilst wearing lederhosen for the costume contest, by schnitzel, lest you be ratted out by some Rolf in the back row.
Sun., April 24, 1:15 p.m., 2011


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