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Sandy Claws

The comfort of cushioned seats and controlled air temperatures might make the perfect movie ambience for say, Bambi, but an iconic film like Jurassic Park was meant to be experienced in a jungle somewhere. Ok, perhaps setting up movie projectors in the Amazon isn't feasible but imagine watching Jurassic Park on the beach with cool summer breezes grazing your faces during those heart-thumping T-Rex scenes. Moonlight Movies on the Beach has returned to Granada Beach every Tuesday this summer and will be screening Jurassic Park tonight. Bring a blanket and a beach chair, if you like. If you're still clinging to the memory of those plush seats, perhaps the free parking and free popcorn will help loosen the grip of those modern-movie-theatre-loving claws.
Tue., Aug. 19, 7:30 p.m., 2008


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