Rockin' and Reelin'

Steely Dan's biting pop, immersed in studio polish and good old American sarcasm, dominated FM radio in the ‘70s with some of their bigger hits deeply indebted to Blue Note-era jazz (a genre equally lost in its own identity crisis at the time). Coming in on the tail end of the Brill Building era, anti-pop stars Donald Fagen and Walter Becker brought their unapologetically smart material under a name derived from a Burroughs novel and only got cheekier from there. In the last few years, when not harassing Owen Wilson, the Dan has emerged to cash in on its myriad hits. Those who get there early will be rewarded with kingpin organist Joey DeFrancesco. Arena jazz at it's finest!
Mon., Aug. 4, 8 p.m., 2008

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