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Ra Feud

Imagine, if you will, a falcon. Now, imagine that this falcon can totally fly, but instead he spends his days traveling around the sky in a boat. Maybe he’s conserving energy, we don’t really know. Anyway, the falcon is doomed to die every night and is reborn every morning after trekking through the friggin’ underworld for like twelve hours. And the worst part is that during these few hours of life that he is doomed to repeat, this falcon has to spend all of his time fighting some asshole snake. And when he loses, there’s a storm. Pretty shitty, right? Well, this was the story of the Egyptian sun god, Ra, who is believed to be the greatest god worshiped by the people of this amazingly advanced ancient culture. You can learn more about Ra and other gods and goddesses related to him—like Bastet, the cat faced woman who made it mandatory for people to shave their eyebrows off when their own pusses died—during a lecture by Fadel Gad, archaeologist and owner of Joy Travel International.
Sun., Nov. 9, 1:30 p.m., 2008


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