Punk Rock Social "Live"

For most teenagers, getting into punk rock is one of the first steps toward an anti-social lifestyle that shuns parents, teachers, cops and other teens. But once you hit drinking age, that must fade away. How else could anyone explain the five-year anniversary of a gathering called Punk Rock Social Live? The monthly event takes place at Alex's Bar in Long Beach (and was previously held at the Anarchy Library in Downey) and showcases a wide variety of bands that fall into the ever-increasing umbrella known as punk. Many flyers feature a drawing of an attractive punker girl and the slogan "Mix, Mingle, Mosh!," which adds up to the equivalent of your average get-together, just with more circle-pits. This go-round features the Dickies, the Billybones, Blockage and the Chelsea Smiles. This is a social, so dress nice and remember to smile.
Sat., Jan. 10, 9 p.m., 2009

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