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Point Taken

Given the intense amount of practice, concentration, and sheer physical stamina and strength it takes to perform ballet, it’s odd that it still suffers from a connotation of frilliness (especially when performed by men). Truth is, most professional ballet dancers, male or female, could snap the neck of any naysayer with their thighs—which, if you can’t appreciate the art form, should at least give you something to think about next time you’re tempted to talk trash. The American Ballet Theater, one of the country’s premier dance companies, have been touring the nation for more than 60 years. ABT II is the training ground for young performers wishing to join the regular company, with dancers aged 16 to 20 giving their all in hopes of earning a place in the legendary troupe. Come see these lean, hungry upstarts as they work their way to the top.
Fri., Sept. 19, 8 p.m., 2008


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