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Virginia’s Parachute make pop music that probably sounds better and better as the sound system gets bigger and bigger—this is mass-market rock that’s more about the mass than the market, with gigantic songs designed to pretty much cruise-missile right into the Top 40, or at least the hidden speakers in the mall ceiling. New single “Can’t Help” is a deftly machined hopeful hit, with the kind of seamless didn’t-expect-that feel (although you realize later that you did kind of expect it) that ambitious songwriters from Motown to Hall & Oates to Katy Perry all try and capture. Their “big break” might have come in an actual commercial, but they’ve been relentless ever since. Think of them as the band equivalent of Mr. Right Now—because if you’re into this, you’re probably not yet even looking for a band to be Mr. Right.
Thu., Sept. 19, 8 p.m., 2013


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