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OC Starz

Remember when you were 17 and all you wanted to do was, for once, be able to see your favorite band who never seemed to play any all-ages venues? It’s the reason why places such as Chain Reaction are a great asset to the youth community—it’s somewhere besides the mall where kids are allowed to just have fun during that really weird time between adolescence and adulthood. OC Starz serves the same purpose: It’s a popular, alcohol-free, teen dance party for anyone ages 14 to 19. There’s a DJ and a dance floor and a flood of people their age. Sure, as a parent, it might make you a tad uncomfortable, thinking about all those underaged kids dancing way too close to one another on a school night, but it’s probably no different than their school-hosted dances. Does that make you feel better? Rest assured: Shirts and shoes are required at all times; no exposed undergarments; no midriffs; no daisy dukes or “excessively short” shorts. Also? No exceptions. Excellent.
Mon., April 6, 8 p.m., 2009


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