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Nino Moschella

Years ago, Nino Moschella wandered out of the wilderness wielding four-track demos that sounded like Sly, Stevie and Shuggie chopping out new classics on brutally used cassettes. Then, once Costa Mesa’s Ubiquity fought through the natural flabbergasting that Nino provokes on first contact and signed him, he transformed from studio rat to studio royalty with inspirational-informational releases like The Real Better Believe (they do) and his newest, Boomshadow. Now he enjoys precise fidelity and a expansive suite of DIY tricks that revive the best and most open moments of the electric ‘70s. Dennis Wilson, Arthur Verocai and even Big Fun Miles Davis might each catch a reflection here they’d recognize.
Thu., July 30, 9 p.m., 2009


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