NBC's Last Comic Standing Live Tour at The Grove

Ever wonder what those American Idol live tours would be like if they were actually funny...on purpose? NBC's Last Comic Standing Tour is rolling into The Grove to share some of America's funniest up and coming comics who braved the rough waters of reality T.V. to make us laugh. The line-up is comprised of the finalists of NBC's Emmy nominated contest show Last Comic Standing. In case you've neglected prime time T.V. for the last six seasons, the show takes a group of hopeful comedians and slashes their dreams one by one until a winner is crowned and given a development deal with NBC. Season six champion Iliza Schlesigner is primed to take the stage along side show favorites Marcus, Jeff Dye, Louis Ramey, and Jim Tavare.
Sun., Oct. 5, 7 p.m., 2008


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