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Morning Benders

Now relocated to Brooklyn—where every barstool sprouts a sympathetic blogger—and glowing with joy after the cheerful press-fest chasing their brand-new Rough Trade album Big Echo, the (formerly Bay Area-based) Morning Benders seem ready for that first big step toward indie fame and indie fortune. (Now that the Henry Clay People are off and running solo, perhaps the Benders can start touring with Airborne Toxic?) These songs already hit every low-hanging critical adjective but (like their friends Girls) there’s a warm little core to them that recalls pre-Pet Sounds Brian Wilson or Jack Nietzsche when he applies especially sad strings. Slightly amplified melancholy defines this generation, but the Benders produce with more gusto than most, and if you imagine a little bit, you can see the fireworks over the last chorus already.
Sat., March 27, 8 p.m., 2010


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