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An erudite man called them ‘art people,’ and even though the music world knows them more as chart people, the dudes in Sparks-rock band MGMT are sliding some welcome concepts into the minds of 50,000 downloaders. “Brian Eno” everyone knows, but “Song For Dan Treacy”? The guest vox by unreconstructed reality soldier Jennifer Herrema on the single? Or Spacemen 3/Spectrum’s Pete Kember doing experimental audio production? Maybe MGMT directing a little laser light toward these serious sources of salutary human expression will replicate in some small way the echo effect Kurt Cobain made by repping Flipper, the Raincoats and Os Mutantes. You know how it goes—there’s nothing they teach you in school you can’t learn from a good set of liner notes.
Sun., July 18, 8 p.m., 2010


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