'Mexico: Expected/Unexpected'

For anyone whose misguided idea of Mexican art is a dude in a sombrero sleeping by a cactus, “Mexico: Expected/Unexpected” would be something well-worth checking out. Of course, there’s more to the exhibit than just that noble cause. Simultaneously presented at the Museum of Latin American Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, “Mexico: Expected/Unexpected” aims to dispel the notion of “Mexicanness” as anything homogenous, instead reflecting diverse perspectives of the nation as a whole by placing contemporary Mexican artists in context with international artists throughout history. It may seem like a somewhat obvious choice for Long Beach or San Diego, but the show actually originated much farther from the border at La Maison Rouge in Paris.
Wednesdays-Sundays, 11 a.m. Starts: Feb. 23. Continues through May 15, 2011

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