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Austin trio Megafauna do noise rock at its ’90s peak—singer Dani Neff hovers over barely controlled guitar/bass/drums like a chopper over a war zone, singing with the same paradoxically engaging detachment that Laetitia Sadier was so good at (“I woke up . . . without a history. . . . I forgot the fuel . . . on purpose”), while Will Krause and Cameron Page smash to pieces anything within a messy arm’s-length circle. There’s math in a lot of the music and space in lot of the vocals, but taken all together, it’s purely tension and energy. In LA, this show would go great with Happy Hollows and Autolux; in Long Beach, it’ll match nicely with Bella Novela.
Tue., Jan. 11, 9 p.m., 2011


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