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McCabe and Mrs. Miller

In director Robert Altman’s 1971 “anti-western,” we find ourselves shacked up in a dark, dingy northwestern mining town with scrappy, filthy fortune-seekers and ragged, whorey women, all set to the music of Leonard Cohen—and it’s damned beautiful. As gambler-entrepreneur McCabe, Warren Beatty teams up with opium-loving Mrs. Miller, Julie Christie (Oscar-nominated here), and sets up a brothel to take what little dough the miners make—until some out-of-towners attempt to unseat Beatty from his booming business. True to the bleak ‘70s mantra that all things must end in the crappiest way possible, the finale is a gorgeous, dreary pip.
Sun., April 4, 6 p.m.; Mon., April 5, 8 p.m., 2010


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