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Matt & Ben

There’s more to Mindy Kaling than playing The Office’s Kelly Kapoor, Dunder Mifflin’s shallow, frequently hilarious, customer-service rep. She’s also a writer, having penned more than a dozen of the show’s episodes over its seven seasons, including the second-season classic “The Dundies.” Before all of that, she co-wrote a play called Matt & Ben—about Messrs. Damon & Affleck—satirizing their Good Will Hunting-driven rise to fame. In this portrayal, the actors don’t write the Oscar-winning script, but rather it literally falls into their laps. Eight years (and many ups and downs in the careers of Damon and Affleck) later, the play lives on, now in a production on the main stage of the Hunger Artists Theatre Co. It’s directed by company member Garrett T. McDonald, who previously helmed the much-less-contemporary Oedipus Rex.
Fridays-Sundays. Starts: May 13. Continues through May 22, 2011


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