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Letters From OC Weekly Readers

'This Story Is a Disgrace to True Christianity'

Joel Beers’ piece about the heart of the holidays was wonderful [“Spirit of the Season,” Dec. 18]. Knott’s Berry Farm’s preservation of memories stands in stark contrast to another destination, Fashion Island, where plans are being finalized to dismantle its charming carousel sometime after the holidays.

Whatever “improvements” might take its place, it will be cold comfort for thousands of children who eagerly look forward to riding the carousel when they visit the mall. At least there are some places in the county, like Knott’s, that have a heart.

Patricia Sweeney, Laguna Beach, via

Do you really think the DA will file any substantial charges against anyone associated with the TBN whorehouse [Gustavo Arellano’s “Juiced With Jesus,” Dec. 25]? They love Jesus and money and are staunch conservatives.

Elmer Gantry, Huckster, via


This story needs to go national. This man [Steve Galiher] can’t get away with manslaughter just because the Republicans run Orange County!

Pastor Calvert, Fort Myers, via


This story is a disgrace to true Christianity. I firmly believe that an example needs to be made of this man.

Deacon Phil, Los Angeles, via


Teach this hypocritical murderer a lesson!

TJ, Costa Mesa, via


Looks like we’re gonna find out who runs Orange County: Lady Justice, or Lady TBN and her cash.

Ex-Galiher Fan, Paducah, KY, via


TV trash with rumpled, frosted locks! LOL.

96, Granite City, via

I completely disagree with the article [Edwin Goei’s “Shell Game,” Dec. 25]. I love go to out and eat, and this place [AnQi] is horrible. The food had no flavor, service was horrible, the bill was extremely expensive, and I will never eat there again. The soup was smaller than the spoon they serve it with. The sashimi tasted awful. The dessert was bland. Even the chefs and servers came out to apologize. The bill for four of us was $360.

Joe Nguyen, Costa Mesa, via

The television news: BAD news. The Internet news: BAD news. The newspaper news: BAD news. Hey; You!: GOOD news [“Friendly Frogger,” Dec. 25]. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were more people like this man? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we wished for peace and got it? (Guess that’s pushing it, huh?) BUT if we had more people like that man, maybe peace would be within our grasp. Thank you, and happy new year to that gentleman!

Myming, Costa Mesa, via

Living in the redneck ring of Riverside County, it was nice to take a day off from worrying about long-term unemployment, terrorism and Obamacare to travel to OC and visit the BEAUTIFUL Pacific Ocean.

Saturday, Jan. 2 was a lovely, warm day, with light freeway traffic heading to OC. My wife and I parked in the neighborhood approaching the Wedge and sauntered past Dick Dale’s old house and into the New Year’s warm sand, bathed in the jealous-East-Coast SoCal sunshine with virtually no wind.

A Mexican family played in the small surf as others rolled up on quad skates and beach cruisers. Amazing boats and yachts made their way to and from the sea along the Newport Harbor entrance.

We strolled the Balboa pier and shops, looking for whale-watching info. She ordered a chocolate-peppermint cone and I got a pistachio at the Fun Zone. A gal did a great job and almost sold us a trip on a harbor cruise, but we knew our time was running out on our paid parking at the pier.

We proceeded to Newport to get in line for some of our favorite Crab Cooker fare. All the parking meters were for only one hour—what a pain in the rear. We enjoyed our meal, and I had to run down the boulevard to put more money in the damn meter while my wife paid the bill. Newport Beach crowd control sucks!

Waiting for our meal, I grabbed a copy of the OC Weekly to pass the time. It’s good to know that my former Orange County home is still a bastion of crude absurdity in what is an undeserved and noted conservative territory. If OC is allegedly so conservative, why does the OC Weekly continue to survive, with its foul editorial content that masquerades as journalism, combined with strip-club, porn-shop and titty-bar advertising?

My wife and I went home to the boondocks and had sloppy-wet sex after all the needless neo-conservative OC stimulation. Thanks, OC Weekly. Keep up the outstanding work.

Porky, Riverside, via e-mail


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