Le Match Opening Reception

Given an exhibit with a French name, an opening offering free vegan food, and artists including someone working under the alias “Amerikan Blackheart,” few Orange County art shows are as art show-y as “Le Match” (“the game,” en anglais) at Hibbleton Gallery. The exhibit revolves around a matching game, with attendees invited to match up work from early in an artist’s career to more contemporary output, and then ruminate on the changes—or lack thereof—that have occurred in the artist’s style. Other than Blackheart (LA’s Jason Alexander Cruz), the exhibit also features OC and LA artists Ashley Park, Ron Pete and Glenn Arthur, among others. Even better: opening night, whomever can correctly match up an artist’s old work with current work will win an original drawing from Arthur.
Fri., April 2, 7 p.m., 2010

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