Last Splash

It's been years since the last Breeders album. Their first, Pod, was critically acclaimed but didn't do so well on the charts. 1993's Last Splash had the hit single "Cannonball." And people love Pixies bassist Kim Deal, right? So all the elements are there: the immediate cred with Deal's presence, the talent, the popularity, the immediately recognizable nostalgic hit. But now that the Breeders have reunited for a tour and a new album, why is it that no one really seems to care? There are a couple of theories. Maybe it's because Kim's twin sister and Breeders guitarist, Kelley, was involved in some drug scheme in 1995, and that impeded recording and touring some. Or maybe it's 'cause people were too busy listening to bad music in the early '90s (Blind Melon, Belly and the Cranberries, we're looking your way). Anyway, here's your second (or uh, fourth) chance to catch on.
Tue., April 29, 7 p.m., 2008

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