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Johnny Tambourine

He's the guy next door: comedian-turned-actor Dane Cook (you may recognize him from such cinematic masterpieces as Employee of the Month and Mr. Brooks) will be spitting his brand of college-kid humor at the Honda Center (known to us long-term OC residents as the Pond) in Anaheim this Sunday. Catch the Massachusetts native's take on crying, getting drunk and, of course, relationships. Did we mention drinking? Yeah . . . okay. So skip whatever you have planned this Sunday and head off to the Pond . . . er, the Honda Center, to get Cook's fratboy outlook on things that comedians have been yakking about since Shakespeare-and even before. You might have some laughs, eat some pretzels, or spew beer out of your nose. It's his only show in Orange County and the last stop on his latest tour, so if you miss it, you might just have to . . . well, wait for his next tour.
Sun., Dec. 9, 7 p.m., 2007


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