Jail Weddings

It seems some indie bands have found that the best way to get to fresh sonic territory is by seeking inspiration from the past—Fleet Foxes, for instance, did it with their neo-baroque pseudo-folk. For this show at Alex’s Bar, Jail Weddings will offer up their new-yet-nostalgic brand of music (maybe it’s the pomade in our ears, but singer Gabriel Hart reminds us of David Somerville from ’50s rock group the Diamonds), drawing on some of the same modes of expression that made teenage girls swoon in Frankie Valli’s day. But there’s a darker edge to their material, such as when Hart croons, “We took a trip to hell and lived to tell its secrets.” With this 10-piece band, there’s an ample helping of melodrama to appeal to today’s teens—or, at the very least, today’s emotionally crippled adults.
Thu., Nov. 12, 8 p.m., 2009

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